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There’d Better Be A Mirrorball - Arctic Monkeys [SONG]

After four years, the wait is finally over. While there's been some light hints at a project through interviews, the Arctic Monkeys have formally announced that their new project, "The Car," is set to release on October 21st. Shortly after the announcement, the band dropped "There Better Be A Mirrorball" as the lead single of the project. The suave, jazz inspired tune is a beautiful continuation of their previous album with a personable story of doomed love.

The Arctic Monkeys have been creating new music for nearly 20 years now. One thing you can count on with the band is that they never stagnant in any particular style for too long. It's almost a guarantee that their sound may be familiar with the cohesion of the members' playing and Alex Turner's vocals, but the sonic landscape of every album will stretch out into unexplored territory. With each project they are able to build into new lanes and avenues while staying true to the chemistry that has made them the band that they are. There's always a taste of the last project in the proceeding one while never feeling like you've heard it before.

The jazzy, laid back instrumental of There'd Better Be A Mirrorball is reminiscent of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, but the emotional and personal touch to the track creates a heightened grounded and personal quality. There's no high concept, instead it feels all too real and heartbreaking in the best of ways. Alex's story-telling is filled with colorful language as he paints a vignette of the sunset of a relationship. Though the verses and choruses are short, every word feels so purposeful in creating the tone of the song. The writing is really a testament to the ever improving penmanship of Turner. Since the beginning of his songwriting career, he's been able to create such vivid images in the lines of every song, and his abilities have matured with the years so gracefully.

The bands playing is so precise and beautiful here. Every single instrument fits right at home to hit every emotional beat at the perfect moment. Though Matt Helders has created some of the most incredible and explosive drum patterns over his career, his more understated playing here accents the overall instrumental with care. A gorgeous string arrangement comes in towards the end to take the song to new heights. It's a welcome addition to the band that I am eager to see again. Alex's singing is as sharp as ever. He continues to become that much better with every project he puts out with the Arctic Monkeys and The Last Shadow Puppets. I'm sure the growth will be readily apparent in the rest of the album.

I highly recommend watching the accompanying music video. The style is reminiscent of a their documentary for TBH+C, Warp Speed Chic. It's eye catching and captures the essence of what it must've been like recording the song. Be sure to check it out below!


Trevor The Tourist
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