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I Love To Lie - Lowertown [ALBUM]

Indie duo, Lowertown, has been making a name for themselves over the past couple years. Avsha Weinberg and Olivia Osby started their group in the local Atlanta indie scene self-releasing their first album, Friends. The youthful and lively record caught the eye of Dirty Hit records (The 1975, Rina Sawayama), who signed the two in 2020. Ever since then, they've been progressing as musicians with two more fantastic EPs, sounding better each time. Lowertown has never weighed themselves down with any particular formula. They love to surprise and come through with a new song structure or approach to a sound. The music may be reminiscent of particular acts, but they're all stamped with Lowertown's unique flavor. With the release of their debut album, I Love To Lie, Lowertown has gone into a more punk rock lane with explosive and angsty tracks that keep you on your toes.

The album is a whirlwind of emotions. It's not a mere snapshot, but a full panorama of human experience. Osby takes us on a vulnerable journey with Weinberg's fantastic instrumentals accompanying every mood. The setlist is a tornado that will whip you up into the air with the explosive My Friends, then drop you to the ground with the somber track, Antibiotics, right after. It's a methodical journey, just as unpredictable and varied as life can be. The variety allows us to see the full scope that the band has to offer. Fast-paced, crashing high-points are met with a beautiful, lullaby-esque tune. It's a wonderful balance between the two that makes the loud and soft moments that much sweeter. Olivia shows how much she has to offer as a vocalist. Not only does she carry soft, dream-like melodies, but Osby will crank out an absolutely electric performance, making every ounce of emotion come screaming out onto the track. It's a range that makes me so eager to see what else they will do in the future, knowing what the duo is capable of.

Though we haven't heard Lowertown come out with the punk sound that's all over, I Love To Lie, the instrumentation is so clearly their own. Avsha's fast pace guitar parts are met with his classic unorthodox drumming to really stamp their own place in the world of punk rock. Olivia's gritty spoken-word like performances fit right into his playing. The two have always had undeniable chemistry, working so closely to perfectly complement their respective parts. They find an energy we've never seen them tap into on tracks like I'm Not and At The End. It's the kind of music that'll have the audience jumping around from start to finish during live shows. Amongst the adrenaline rush, Lowertown puts out some of their most gorgeous work to date. It's It's It's is a tender moment filled with the squeaking strums of guitar strings. Waltz in Aflat Major is a highlight on the album for me. Avsha shows off his incredible piano playing with a classical piece graced with Olivia's soft vocals. The result is a piece of music that will cut your heart strings. The album's finale, It's Easy For Me, is an instrumental track who's guitar picking carries the record off into an oblivion of tranquility.

Lowertown never ceases to impress. With so much talent between the two, you can never really put a ceiling on what they are capable of. In their debut album, Avsha and Olivia show off a true sense of range and ability. They carry each and every moment to the moon with an all-in approach to every single song. With their musical tastes being so vast, you never know what they may decide to do next, but I'm sure they can conquer whatever style of music they want. If you would like to hear the album live, they are currently embarking on a North American tour, opening for Beabadoobee. Be sure to check out the album below!


Trevor The Tourist
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