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Antibiotics - Lowertown [SONG]

The Atlanta super duo, Lowertown, is on the move. Less than a year after the release of their outstanding EP, The Gaping Mouth, Avsha Weinberg and Olivia Osby are already dropping more music. Ahead of the release of their debut album, I Love To Lie, they have dropped their second single, Antibiotics. It's a somber track filled with colorful and macabre writing that’s accompanied by Weinberg’s creative playing.

Lowertown has a way of making their sound inviting and familiar while still standing out from the crowd. Even in their own discography thus far, every song is truly its own, but all are identifiable by the band's one-of-one style. Antibiotics features Avsha Weinberg’s production with his distinct guitar playing and choppy drum patterns. It's a more relaxed version of themselves, almost deceptively calm. The drums have a more traditional pattern with snare fills that seem like they are waiting to catch you off guard. Electric guitars create a soft and somber feel of an almost lullaby with the faint electric tone of a keyboard humming underneath the mix. The instrumental creates a soft bed for the much darker lyrics. Lowertown is always great at creating a warm and cozy sonic atmosphere in a song, just to have a woeful undertone with its true meaning.

Osby’s writing is vivid and painful. Her words create piercing imagery that illustrates the end of a relationship and resistance to returning back to her partner. The metaphorical nature and intensity of the writing creates such a potent understanding of her feelings. Olivia is always very creative with the way she expresses her feelings through her wordplay and this is another clear example of that. The darkness of the song is juxtaposed with her soft and delicate delivery as well as her lovely vocal harmonies in the outro.

Lowertown continues to show why they are one group to not look away from. They continue to shine with their talents perfectly complementing each other to form some of the most interesting indie music today. Their debut album, I Love To Lie, is set to release on October 21st. Be sure to check out the song below!


Trevor The Tourist
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